I left my heart in San Francisco

.. I have long known this was a song that reminded my mom of her dad and so it was with great happiness that we were able to get a trip in to San Fran while Gram was still here.

First stop, Pier 39, where there is alway free entertainment

You will notice as the show neared the end the male performers removed their shirts perhaps in hopes of upping the amount of cash they raked in (Mitch had tons of fun predicting just how much they went home with and Gram was willing to part with some of her Canadian money)

There was some necessary foot massaging after feet fell asleep watching the performance 

There were this guy in gold clothing with black underneath, harassing passer by’s and attempting some form of dance that was horrifying and interesting all at the same time.

And the golden sea lion statue that required climbing

And for mom’s sock fetish

We had to stop by the “famous Sea Lion viewing dock” with no preparation for just what that entailed ..

Seriously docks full of talking, bathing, wrestling Sea Lions of all shapes and sizes (and benches full of clicking, filming humans of all shapes and sizes)

And when we saw that there was a Buba Gump Shrimp Restaurant we new where we would eat. I tell you this was quite the experience .. from the movie playing through out the restaurant, to a menu full of movie character favorites to waiters testing out Forest Gump Movie trivia .. And if you want service you simply flip your “Run Forest Run ” placard over to read “Stop Forest Stop” It was surreal …

I do regret not picking up at least a few of these to sell at Life is Good (at least one for my own home would have made good sense)

My face says it all .. by far the most putrid bathroom I have ever entered (and I have squatted over holes in a subway station in Tokyo)

We made if over the Golden Gate Bridge the proof below (Mitch and I are in the car we are used to warmer temps in Santa Clara)

And finally we were pretty sure these were Black Hawk fans we spotted while stuck in traffic on the way home, so we started hurling insults their way .. just in case you 
Proof of the afore mentioned traffic
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