Bugs of all sorts !

We have been recovering from the departure of Gram by checking out bugs of all sorts. We hooked up with some other locals not in school at the Sanborn Youth Science Institute to get a look at all things crawly.

Mitch was fascinated by this working bee hive. Our guide challenged us to find the Queen .. we thought it way more fun to watch the pollen jocks heading back to the hive with their sacs full of pollen ..

KJ liked the silk worms .. and seeing their “suckers” on the magnified screen ..


And there was this charming little critter who enchanted us for sometime one afternoon. 

KJ was sure it was trying to kiss him cause that’s how close he was to make sure he caught all the details of snail movement ..
I do not have photos of the nastiest bug we encountered cause it was flu like and no one wants to see those kinda photos .. however here is a look at how the boys made up for a less then fun weekend 

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