I’m a Mac

.. last evening we dared to join others who live at Pruneridge Place for a make your own Sundae event put on by the Social Club .. (insert fits of laughter)

.. it was hot outside and they were hosting the event in “our” pool

.. while enjoying a root beer float a neighbor approached Puck and introduced himself as David.

.. they chatted and upon revealing that we live only 3.4 miles from Puck’s office David asked

” Oh you work for (company that was not apple)”

“No I work for Apple”

“Oh, I work for Microsoft”

Puck’s quick and witty response, “I’m a Mac”

David did not follow up with his obvious line .. perhaps cause he was laughing the kind of laugh that could  make root beer come out your nose.

Yes, this is how we make friends here in Pruneridge Place

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  1. mesmith says:

    i don't think you've ever revealed the name of your complex before… that's hilarious. "A place to live out your golden years".

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