Minecrafting Party

KJ turned 7 on the 21st of August and we celebrated with a Minecraft Pool Party. KJ had a vision and put me to work creating all the stuff needed to make it come to life!

On the day of the party …

Game Stop Card Received


Cash Received!


Brandi made super yummy cupcakes with creepers for everyone!


Step one was to smack the coal block and get 1 piece of coal


Step two smash wood block to retrieve 1 piece of wood


And step three involved turning in your piece of coal and piece of wood to get a Torch (flashlight!)

Blocks .. hiding candy for all!


Diamond cake decorate by daddy "best cake decorator "


And cause we are Canadian there was …… driveway hockey

After getting all sweaty KJ came indoors to claim the last rather large piece of cake  and well .. the photo says it all

Self inflicted cake to face smashing

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