Headed to Santa Cruz early (for us) Saturday morning to go Kayaking. Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence of this adventure.

Everyone was excited alongside the natural nervousness that accompanies the doing of something brand new. We put heaviest adult with lightest child in our pre planning thinking. We arrived at Adventure Quest and were gearing up when the kind fellow mentioned getting wet and flipping kayaks. That is where KJ’s trip ended.

Mitch however was willing to at the very least get in the Kayak (now with Puck not me) and let Puck know when he was done and wanted out. They headed toward the kelp bed where sea otters of an endangered species were said to be resting.

“Dad are there sharks in here” inquired a nervous Mitchel

“Nope” ¬†short pause. “Hey those are dolphins”.

The two of them got a look at three near by dolphins swimming in the area.

The three hour trip we had purchased for four turned out to be about a 40 minute for two trip. But everyone arrived happy and left happy so all in all a success.

Oh and KJ and I were lucky enough to get a peak at one of the dolphins as it did a few jumps that we spotted while eating lunch.


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