Heading for the Hills

We have been living here for 16 months now .. all the time noticing the hills off in the distance .. never once going toward them, until today. We could see there were two domes and pieced together they were likely the home of an Observatory. Quick google search and we had an address for Lick Observatory to input in to the GPS (Puck’s cause his is working).


No road adventure is complete with out sheets of meat!

There were plenty of views like this on route

And at the top we found the Observatory .. the biggest working telescope .. head statues .. views .. and HUGE pinecones

there are actually 365 turns to get to the top of Mount Hamilton (Observatory)

Kj got a hold of the camera so we got some shots from a different perspective 


Something that was once so common place for us .. now brings out squeals and camera shots (I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of momma)

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  1. Craig says:

    Sheets of meat!?!? Are you friggin kiddin me??? Where do you live? But anyway, cool shot of shadow puck and meat sheet (good name for a band!).

    nice tan! must be that sun thing i keep hearing about.


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