Adventure Playground

Here is a look at the super cool Adventure Playground we went to at the Berkley Marina. It was especially exciting to finally arrive there being that I missed my exit and ended up waiting in nine lanes of traffic to get over a bridge I didn’t want to cross but had to (there’s no oh sh** lane). Not only did I have to cross the bridge, I had to pay 4 bucks to do so. So our ride that was suppose to be an easy 55 minutes ended up being almost 2 hours (cause I took another wrong turn). Turns out I have been 100 percent reliant on my GPS since moving here and since it crapped out last week I have been doing nothing but missing exits and pulling u-turns.

But the playground was super cool!!

Zip lining

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Rope climbing

Falling and laughter!



Ice creaming to cool off

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One Response to Adventure Playground

  1. Craig says:

    cool zipline.
    bruisey terminus… ouch!

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