Close Encounters with Canucks

We got word that the Canucks would be practicing at Sharks Ice 1:15 on Saturday, so we thought we would check it out, see what we could see. And indeed we could see them all on the ice, we were thrilled and if the day had ended there would have been just fine.

But it didn’t! We waited for the team to exit and board the bus (the same one we had tracked down the night before) Being that we were in Shark territory there were not a lot of other Canuck fans around thus we were able get autographs from a large majority of the team.

Mitch was so not going to talk to any Canucks when we first arrived. Then he was taken over by the feeling of not getting the autographs and got right in to. On the way home he announced “Now that I have met the Canucks I won’t be scared to talk to them the next time I see them.”

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  1. mesmith says:

    Awesomeness – even if they all do look a bit scruffy. Here's hoping (for the kajillionth time) that the scruffiness continues through June.

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