.. Mitchel has been asking me for some time now to get him some ding dang fondant so he can make cakes like the Cake Boss.

.. finally I found a source we picked some up and we made some cakes (cause one shared cake canvas never works)

First there was the baking of the cakes

And the rolling of the Fondant
And the cutting of decorative parts
Then we had to add the butter cream icing to Mitchel’s cake so we could apply the Fondant, stops the bubbling I read .. KJ just went with straight up butter cream icing with Fondant decorations. 
The results ….

No one is as of yet willing to cut in to and eat the cakes .. they may simply be decorations for as long as possible 
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One Response to Fondant

  1. mesmith says:

    this is awesome. never thought of doing fondant ourselves! they look so great on cake boss but i don't think i'd want to eat any of those cakes.

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