Stuck in San Francisco

The boys and I accompanied Puck to pick up his passes for the Oracle Conference (big geek gathering). In Puck’s brain we would just pop in to down town San Fran and pick up the passes and then pop on over to the beach. Things turned out a little differently.

First off … the boys had to pee in that right now kind of way .. so Puck let us out while he found parking. What one should know about down town San Fran is that peeing doesn’t come cheap. You see all establishments have set up systems to keep people out of the bathrooms. So this means in order to urinate in down town San Fran (indoors that is) you have to be of a certain socio-economic status. We found one bathroom in the parking structure Puck was parking in however in order to use the restrooms you needed the swipe key that is on the back of your parking permit. So to pee here you need to be able to afford the outrageous hourly parking fees and be on your way to one of the upper class stores and or events being held in the area.

Fail on that attempt, boys holding penises to avoid spillage. All local establishments require you purchase something from their establishment in order to use their bathroom ..

Our cost to pee … 10 dollars in FreeStyle Frozen Yogurt swirling.

One would expect that after paying such a large price to pee you would at least be met with a clean toilet in which to make your deposit. As opposed to a toilet that shares space with a urinal and makes you want to scrub the skin from your hands in order to avoid contracting some sort of illness.

The distraction of consuming the large dishes of yogurt was long enough for Puck to park, pick up passes, return and retrieve us.

Getting out of downtown was a lesson in … survival .. there was the grid lock traffic with firefighters blaring sirens and people moving vehicles in a diagonal fashion in order to create the slightest amount of space to for the trucks to eek their way through. Note to self: never get caught in a fire in downtown San Fran cause ain’t no one showing up to save you !!

We literally passed the same block three times before orienting ourselves in the correct direction. Which would be fine if it didn’t take 20 minutes to make it around the block !!

This video .. shows a few interesting moments .. if you listen carefully you can hear the man in the white T-shirt that folks are gawking at as he clears a winder berth then the fire trucks by simply wandering down the sidewalk sharing his enthusiasm about walking with Jesus.


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3 Responses to Stuck in San Francisco

  1. Rebecca says:

    Ahhh… we found a GPS in San Francisco to be a lifesaver.

    Glad you found your way out of the maze!

  2. MMmommy says:

    Oh we did have a GPS … it was just having issues getting a good signal and it did not know about a few road closures !!!

  3. mesmith says:

    i like how y'all got distracted from the jesus walker with an apple sign. what kinda backwater field does puck work in that he actually has to drive somewhere to pick up tickets?? and… you should have pee'd in the big yogret cups after you downed the contents – and then given the cups back to the yogret people.

    really making us wanna get those san fran flights booked!?!?!?!

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