Renaissance Faire

We had a super fun action packed weekend with The Jones’ ..  Matt has been visiting us weekly for dinner and this weekend he brought the whole family over Friday for dinner and swimming and then Saturday for more swimming, dinner and a movie Saturday and finally Sunday we all headed out to the NorCal Renaissance Faire …

It was our first experience with living history style faire places and we were super stoked to have veterans there to show us around ..

There were hats to be tried on ..

And foods to be tasted included large turkey legs and deep fried artichokes,  we stuck with the safer Pizza slices and french fries

So many characters wandered about inviting us to scavenger hunts, taunting us and over all giving us the full on experience of existing in a renaissance time.
It was fun to find tons of instruments we had not seen before and make noise with them. 
Best of all however, was the entertainment .. whether it be the cast of characters sharing drunken songs, performing maidens, the family fencing or our favorite the Jousting .. it was super impressive 
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