Soccer and Cathedral Grove

Today was full of adventure. We got a call at 9:15 last night to say Mitchel had his first soccer game in the morning, luckily not until 11:30. We had been waiting to here if he got on the team due to our late arrival, for soccer season that is. In true Mitchel form he was not willing to play but eager to watch and take it all in. To our delight his coach is a woman named Monica who is homeschooling her three children, one of whom is five. It was a perfect match. Mitch enjoyed the game and is looking forward to participating in his upcoming practice … Sorry forgot the camera so this blog is photoless … I am hopeful I will get better at including photos!!

As a family, we spent the afternoon adventuring around. First we hit the Goats on the Roof where there were indeed goats, one looking to nibble some of Makinley’s ice cream cone! We were able to buy bags of local produce, which made my heart sing. Then we headed up to Cathedral grove where we had a picnic amongst the “giants” as Kin liked to call them. It was refreshing to be surrounded by such raw nature. Puck and I are both loving being back in a place that replenishes our spirits so fully. Again, forgot the camera. However, I did get a shot of the police man dinosaur who stopped by!

The day was so fabulous, weather wise, we decided to visit the beach after dinner. Mitch and I biked through the estuary and Puck and Kin took the road way. The sunset was breathtaking, with the moon rising at the same time. Puck rushed home to set up the telescope, we got a good look at the surface of the moon!

Check out the photos he took at this link

Thanks for reading !!

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