In a bit of a blur, the month of December showed up and we jumped in with both feet to make it an enjoyable time for the boys. As has been our tradition, we set out to cut down our own tree, we were used to the Victoria scene, however, things are done a little differently up here. We ended up off roading on a flat bed, with a few bales of hail pulled along by a tractor. Did I mention I had whiplash for this adventure?

Once we arrived at the power lines, along which the trees grew we were on our own to head out and find a tree. The idea was find your tree, let the land owner now and then he comes along with his chain saw, falls it for you and then you drag it back to the trailer bed and balance it amongst the hay bales. It was rustic! My cousins came along and their son had recently picked up a “baby jesus book” which he was quite pleased to read through out the journey. As well, there was Harold the dog, he was loud and lively, which is Kin’s least favorite type of animal, he found some comfort with Gram Gram though.

On the rather steep up hill climb back, we held tight to out collection of trees. Just as we crested the mountain size hill, our driver, stopped to show us the small church he had built on his property. Inside of which he had pictures of the tractor wreck he had survived, right beside the trail we were currently traveling along!

A few days later, we pulled out the decorations and got the house looking all festive. Kin’s highlight being putting the angel a top the tree!

We had a fabulous trip to Victoria to celebrate India’s 4th Birthday. We walked away with the most gifts however, cloaked in love from good good friends and reminded of how each of them blesses our life!

And then with the blink of an eye the big day arrived … the boys found footprints, fairy dust and a letter to prove indeed the big red guy had stopped by. They were thrilled with their gifts and truly brightened Christmas for all us grown ups!

May the New Year find you all full to the brim with peace, joy, hope and love!!

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  1. how beautiful you all are – and very adventurous too!! hope the new year has some better times in store for you my good friends!! love sheri and kids

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