The Journey Continues

Mitchel has fallen deeply in love with Hockey. In true Mitchel fashion, he eats, breaths and plays hockey. He has been watching hockey, any hockey really that is on Television. He has now been to three games of the local Junior B team and he plays everyday both indoors and out!! He has plans, to build his courage and play “kid hockey” when he is nine, as a goal tender. Secretly, I hope to immerse him in it deeply now, lots of books, games and playing, so the phase passes before he gets the courage to really play. I don’t know that his peace loving momma could handle being a Hockey Mom.

We were surprised to find out that Mitch can actually skate, he and Puck went to sticks and pucks at the local arena and Mitch stepped out on to the ice, and started skating.

We had a lovely visit from the Coey family, on one of the first sunny days we had, had in a while. We were able to enjoy our first outdoor picnic of the year along with lots of laughter and tag! It was soul refreshing indeed.

We have also been connecting with cousins! You will see below just how much fun the boys had when my cousins girls stopped by for the day. It was hours of fun fun fun, without conflict. It was truly brilliant to have our home filled with that much laughter.

The boys continue to experiment, explore and engage in the countless learning opportunities that arrive in their lives!

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