Equinox, Easter and Renewal of Spirit

By far the most exciting part of our life over the past weeks has been meeting the Zapp Family Herman, Cande and their three children Pampa, Tehue and Paloma! These inspiration folks are on a journey to the land where dreams come true, creating their own destiny. Check them out at www.sparkyourdream.net. We as a family, have been blessed to spend time being reminded that we are all capable of making our dream come true, simply by believing in it. As our friends head out on the next leg of their journey we are wishing them well, and trusting we will see them again, some where on the path to our dream.

We celebrated the Spring Equinox with some egg decorating, painting, good food and laughter. As usual the Easter Bunny stopped by. He likes to leave a candy trail leading to a gift that either renews or begins a new passion or interest for the boys. The pictures below should sum the rest up!

We had a visit from cousin Sara, which was a huge hit with us all. She filled our home and mom’s with laughter, joy and tons of imaginative play. While she was here Mitchel declared that he would like to “adopt an older sister.” We have also connected with a 12 year old in the neighborhood (okay she is pretty much an extension of our family) who has quickly become the treasured babysitter! And after a long winter slumber, the bear is finally awake and Makinley was thrilled to go and visit “his bear!”

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