First week of NOT back to school

The boys and I continued to embrace the joy of living a life outside of schedules. This week has continue to be full of Star Wars as the boys negotiate their way through Lego Star Wars. I am in awe of their abilities and the depth of understanding they have built in a short period of time. I can’t keep up any longer. Mitchel will often pull the control out of my hand, as I am not moving fast enough. This whole gaming thing is a huge lesson in letting go for me.

We had tons of fun with GOOP one day as well. The activity began indoors with water, vinegar, cornstarch and vinegar, however it was quickly moved outdoors when the real fun kicked in. The boys each used a box of baking soda a liter of vinegar and then they added the cornstarch and water. I am sure once the rains of fall and winter begin I will rediscover the cement on the pathway!!

The fun we had with the a package of Glo Sticks was beyond anything I would have imagined. It all began of course with glo stick dancing in the darkness of my bedroom. This quickly led to the front lawn where the craziness exploded. Eventually we ended up in a rousing game of Hide and Glo Seek. The idea was the hider would distribute 14 glo sticks about while the others were out of sight. Once the call came we would burst around the corner and scramble about to find the hidden sticks. Nothing but fun and laughter, deep in to the dark of the night. I am thankful that the neighbors continue to tolerate our late night antics.

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