February Adventures

A quick run down of highlights before we hit the road on another adventure!

Makinley in his Super Hero vest, waits for the bus, heading to a “gig”.

Pucky helps friends, with a challenging puzzle, by thinking outside of the box.

A BEGRUVI Valentine gathering inspired the creation of a Jube Jube Mind Melder (who dares to put it on??)

And heart shaped Pizza’s lovingly made by Kristal and gobbled up by 10 hungry children.

And crazy Trampoline capers that lead to laughter and spiked hair.

An evidence that laughter is indeed contagious.

And lots of rocking out!

And sheer shock at how far away anyone was from bringing down the reigning Guitar Hero.

Once back home and rested from Valentine adventures, Mitchel received the much anticipated Lego Fire Station. 5 hours and 600 pieces later, the set was complete (and Mitchel had moved out of his room to live in my bathroom but that’s a longer story)

When without super hero face masks, a properly placed pair of underwear will do!

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