Star Wars Party Book

The theme this week has definitely been, Star Wars, in terms of activities. Last week we came across the Star Wars Party book at the library. Not only does it has tons of cool recipes, it has fun activities scattered throughout as well. The boys and I scoured the pages and made a list of the ingredients and materials we would need to enjoy our favorites.

First off, Jedi Cloaks (though the book referred to them as Handmaiden Pajamas my boys saw, Jedi cloaks and requested they be made in brown dye with red sashes.)

Following the dye job, we made Jabba Juice, the tasty drink one would likely find Jabba the hut drinking. Though we suspect he would have real worms, not the jellied typed.

Moving on from there we baked and decorated Clone Trooper Cakes.

We also spent a day making a Death Star Pinata, that the young Jedi’s brought down with a single blow from a light saber.

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