Things I wished I had captured

This blog post will be without photos, as the camera has ended up out of reach for these moments, I wanted to capture.

First up, was the boys, blissfully making their way down the road to Gram’s in underwear and sheets, that I overheard were meant to be Toga’s. I admit to being bewildered at the fact that they even knew what a Toga was!

And then there was the moment when the boys skillfully guided Puck and I home as we moved a desk up the road using a skateboard and a scooter. At this point, Kin was naked and using the desk to shield himself from passers by. I wondered, for brief moments, what the neighbors must be thinking. I do hope they stop by and ask about our crazy antics, or at the least join in the fun of running naked in the streets while moving furniture with children’s toys.

Oh and last night, when Kin announced we were going surfing. We took his board and headed to the ocean. The brave little surfer made his way “far out,” where he stood on the board (perfect form) and then dove in to the ocean. He was elated! And moments later shivering cold .. not too cold to give it one more shot. He considers himself a “good surfer.” Ohhh, the bliss of summer adventures!

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