Summer Happenings

The summer is whipping by or more likely so full of outdoor adventures, that I haven’t had much time to update things here!

Here goes a whirlwind tour of our summer adventures!

We took the LONG drive to Rathtrevor, to reconnect with some friends from Victoria for a two night camping adventures. There was dancing, grooming, laughter and turn taking on the extraordinary yellow bike!

And I believe there was a spotting of a female sasquatch.

Creative post bath dry offs

The river has been a new found adventuring spot .. swimming, fishing and combating!

And the huge huge huge highlight of RU FUN!

There was the adorable Miss Gabriella, who blessed us all with the freshness of her arrival to our tribe. Mom and dad were ever so gracious allowing each of us our turn to adore her.

There were new friends to be made, while other connections deepened.

There was a WHOLE LOT of meat to be eaten (and yes each of the wieners was individually wrapped and required peeling).

Not to worry though, there was equally as much FRUIT to wash the meat down with!

There were FUN shops, trampoline escapades and an abundance of laughter and lovin!

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One Response to Summer Happenings

  1. Rachel says:

    But not every hot dog had to be INDIVIDUALLY peeled?!? What?! Wait, I must not understand… (hee hee)

    Yeah, that was fun. 🙂

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