More beach bums!

The weather this week has been fabulous and we have all quickly forgotten that it is still January. Some of the locals tell us the temps are unseasonal but the sun is pretty normal.

One day this week we headed to Dunes Beach in Half Moon Bay and the crazy Loucks boys were actually in the ocean !

It started with some good ole fashion wave taunting ..

A quick clothing change (yes I had shorts that they both wore for the ride home but where unwilling to wear in to the water the logic of which eludes me) and then it was time for the real wave jumping. 

Later in the week we headed to Monterey to visit the aquarium (I have few photos as I could not figure out how to turn of the flash on the camera which is a requirement in most of the viewing areas) Needless to say there was lots of super cool things to see, talk about and a pose or two to be stricken .. 

And on the way back we could not resist the sunshine .. and the big sand dunes so we found ourselves at the beach for a couple of hours again .. though me managed to stay dryer this time

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