.. KJ and I found ourselves at the Steakhouse, while daddy and Mitch were at the Sharks game (this was after we revisited Chucky Cheese and discovered it was a fundraiser night and there were about 200 other folks looking to play some games, so we left and walked 2.6 km along the Cupertino sidewalks, that were suffering from the recent “heavy” rain fall, and covered in HUGE puddles, which for KJ was delightful, for our feet it was wet and muddy … )

It is worth mentioning that this shot was taken right before KJ’s mouth was overcome with “spicy, spicy, spicy” and he declared this, “the worst idea ever.” I was thankful for the waitress who arrived with a tall glass of milk that was “perfect now all I taste is milk,” and a new non seasoned steak. Which quickly made this, “the best meal ever.” And then when the bill came, I was even more grateful as we were not charged for any of KJ’s food ! !

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