We had visitors !

The boys were thrilled to welcome some of their most favorite people in to their home over the past month. It started off with Gram Gram!

Who is an expert at giving the most best of cuddles

IMG_4713And she is always up for a trip to the beach .. in the sunshine to jump waves and spin hula hoops ..


And then the boys, finally had their dream come true when Fergus and Effie came to visit !!

We took a walk to the local, kinda lame park while we waited for Fergus to wake up


There was a game involving cows and what looks like a lovely lawn but is actually plastic fake grass.


Not surprising their was gaming! What was surprising is that most of it happened on the old school Wii! 

And YES we were called out as the “Canadians” after spending part of the afternoon in the pool .. in February


And my heart was filled to get a couple of moments with these handsome dudes enjoying my most favorite thing.


We took them to our favorite spot Pink Berry and cause it was the middle of the week we got the GIANT chess set all to ourselves, to play with some live action pieces.


The boys found a way to make the mall feel a little less boring by selling up some hot dogs.


This mom of two boys had a teenage girl to go shopping with, YA! We even purchased matching socks.




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