All about Mitchel

Seems Mr. Pucky has hijacked things for a while and chatted on and on about himself. So I stole that idea and decided to chat on and on about the rest of us one by one.


Mitchel has been taking Hockey Skate for 11 sessions so far the final on is this Saturday. To quote is instructor he has “improved 100 percent.” Since we don’t send the boys to school this is our first ever feedback from a “teacher” confirming what we already knew Mitchel is amazing.

In April he will participate in Power Hour headed up by the Sharks skating coach (who is female, I think that worthy of mention) which will involve 4 hour long sessions in full gear with a stick. He is super stoked and ready for the new challenge.

In May he will join his first every hockey team. The summer session, 15 practices and 15 games. I guess he’s really gonna play!


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